Cole’s Appliance & Furniture Co. is a family owned & operated business founded in 1946, and has been a proud member of the Rowe family of retailers for 50 years. Cole’s showroom is located on the North Side of Chicago, and is currently operated by 3rd generation owner Kevin Krasney. Cole’s offers contractors, designers and neighborhood residents trade pricing on all home kitchen and laundry appliances, as well as custom built upholstery and wood furniture.

“Kevin and his team work closely with customers, designers and trade professionals to be sure they are supplying their clients with not only the most competitive pricing, but also a level of service that has proven to be unmatched.”

– Sacha Krasney

4026 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

How They’re Adapting to Social Distancing Guidelines:

Our showroom is currently open by appointment only. All orders can be placed in person or over the phone and our occasional line can be purchased online. We are also offering free contactless local delivery.

Cole’s Top Ways to Support Local Biz:

Visit your local stores and shop locally. Not only do most small businesses offer a better quality product and more competitive pricing, but small businesses also have more control to make sure that their teams are providing safe service during these uncertain times.

What makes your shop unique?

We are a small mom and pop shop, and because of this we treat everyone as if they were family, offering quality products and attention to detail for each client's individual needs.

How does your shop make customers feel?

Cole's is truly the current "mom and pop" style showroom. Our business has been on the same Chicago corner since 1946 and many customers experience the nostalgic feeling from when they were young and out shopping with their family. When customers walk through our doors, they feel comfortable and feel like they are at home.

What's on your store playlist?

A mixture of classics, reggae, jam and funk music. We love music and play a mixture of old and new music and tend to have a lot New Orleans style music playing through our speakers.

What are you looking forward to showcasing next season?

Occasional furniture line to buy online.

Who’s your celebrity dream customer?

Paul Newman was filming the "Color of Money" in the 1980s across the street from our store. He stopped in to look around and sat with my grandfather, Abe Krasney, while they talked and laughed. Abe said he was a very nice guy. It would have been fun to have been a fly on the wall during this conversation and would be cool to have a similar experience.

If we pop into your store at any given moment, we’re sure to see…

...Kevin working with clients in our loft space. There will be a fresh keg in our kegerator and The Meters will be blaring through the speakers!