The Shop | Design Shop Interiors

Established in 2013, Design Shop Interiors has established itself as one of the most sought-after Interior Design Firms in Northern California. In 2019 we launched our first brick & mortar storefront – The Shop. Today, we are Sacramento’s premier home décor store and recently expanded to an 8000 sq ft storefront in Granite Bay. The Shop features California’s largest privately owned Visual Comfort Lighting Gallery as well as a curated selection of custom upholstery, vintage & found goods, home furnishings, lighting, textiles, home accessories, kitchenware & more.

8701 Auburn Folsom Rd, Granite Bay, CA 95746, United States

Design Shop’s Top 3 Ways to Support Local Biz:

  • Make a purchase, no matter how small!  Focus on supporting your local community.
  • Tell your friends about businesses they may not know about yet.
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What makes your shop unique?

We make very conscious decisions to offer things that are unique and can't be found just anywhere. A lot of our pieces are vintage and/or one of a kind. We spend hours curating what we feel is the perfect collection to offer to our customers.

How does your shop make customers feel?

We work really hard to invoke the feel of our portfolio and our projects within the walls of our shop. Our hope is for people to walk in and feel like it's truly a representation of our brand on a tangible level. We love that it looks beautiful yet also feels casual and inviting. The goal is for customers to feel comfortable plopping down on sofas, touching beautiful textiles and truly having the DSI experience.

What's on your store playlist?

It depends on who is manning the helm that day. Our shop team ranges in age from 20's to 50's, so musical taste varies quite a bit. That being said it's always something light, fun and upbeat!

What are you looking forward to showcasing next season?

We are all very excited for our Christmas plan! It's our favorite time of year at the shop, and we have some amazing things up our sleeves. Think 70s vibes meets velvet.

What's the most memorable moment that has occurred in your shop?

There is not just one most memorable moment that has occurred in our shop, but rather an accumulation of multiple moments where a client has stated, "I just love it in here because it makes me feel peaceful and at home." We honestly hear that every day, and it never gets old.

What do you love about working with Rowe?

There are so many things that we love about working with Rowe! They are an organization that is both beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. They are devoted to producing beautiful designs with extra special details, while remaining committed to manufacturing in an eco-friendly environment and producing in America. The line offers a variety of styles and fabrics, so as to accommodate everyone.

Why is your location the perfect fit for your shop?

We are a retail shop featuring a unique collection of home furnishings and decor curated by the extremely talented and experienced designers of Design Shop Interiors. Granite Bay is the perfect location for our shop because it is located in the Greater Sacramento area, which is where Design Shop Interiors was conceived. This community has been enthusiastically supportive of our local business from the start.

Who’s your celebrity dream customer?

Whitney Fecteau (one of our lead designers) would love to help Ina Garten find the very best DSI inspired platter to serve Jeffery his Friday night roast chicken on. Ina also loves color, so we think she needs some of our burnt orange Indian wool textiles to brighten up her East Hamptons home.

If we pop into your store at any given moment…

...we would be laughing with and at each other! We have the best time styling our shop, helping customers and giving one another a hard time. We truly enjoy what we do and love helping people make their spaces beautiful.