Owner and Principal designer Amanda Purdom first opened her full service design firm, AsterHouse Design, in 2011 in Manhattan, KS, and expanded into retail in Spring 2021 with the opening of Furnish, a home and lifestyle boutique. Amanda has been a proud member of the Rowe family of retailers since 2014. Furnish offers a taste of every style, from modern to traditional, farmhouse to glam. Based in a unique and historic building, the shop strives to present an intriguing mix of new goods and vintage finds, curated for maximum inspiration.

“My passions are promoting & encouraging other women entrepreneurs and wanting to make a difference in my community. My guilty pleasures…chocolate-covered raisins and estate sales!”

– Amanda Purdom, Owner

314 Poyntz Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502, United States

Furnish’s Top Tip For Supporting Local Biz:

Remove the Amazon app from your phone!

What makes your shop unique?

We’re located in the heart of downtown in a recently remodeled 125 year old building that was originally a hardware store. The building itself is interesting and creatively inspiring. Furnish is more than a furniture store, it’s an experience. It draws you in, inviting you to sit and stay a while.

How does your shop make customers feel?

We are welcoming, casual and approachable. Furnish is a curated collection of new and vintage of goods. We’ve blended all styles to appeal to a greater audience.

What's on your store playlist?

“Chillout2021” and our custom Furnish playlist of upbeat and inspiring songs.

What are you looking forward to showcasing next season?

Summer! Light colors, soft muted patterns, and rattan accents mixed with casual linens.

What do you love about working with Rowe?

There are so many things that we love about working with Rowe! Quality, of course is #1, but we also love the versatile product offerings. We can find solutions for all of our clients, no matter what their style is. We love that we can create a custom piece of furniture by choosing the frames, fabrics and finishes, all while keeping things at a comfortable price point. Also, we have to mention the customer service! We love the attention and communication we get from our sales rep, who is always willing to do whatever they can to resolve any issue that may arise. We can honestly say, WE LOVE ROWE!

What's the most memorable moment that has occurred in your shop?

During the Rowe Moreau and Neval campaigns, we have had two sofa winners who signed up through our store over the last year! It has been so fun to see the excitement and joy brought to our customers by these giveaway promotions. We like to think we are the “lucky spot”!

Why is your location the perfect fit for your shop?

We are so blessed to be right in the heart of downtown Manhattan, Kansas! The area has recently gone through a revitalization and continues to grow. We service an active community made up of military families, Kansas State University students, faculty and supporters, and both life-long locals and people moving in from all over the country. Our city really has become a mini melting pot and we are happy to be here for it! We love that our community makes an effort to shop local and support their local businesses.

Who’s your celebrity dream customer?

Shea McGee

If we pop into your store at any given moment…

...an impromptu dance party or show tunes solo is sure to be happening!