Harrison’s West Design + Furniture

Harrison’s West Design + Furniture (formerly UBU Furniture) was established in Grandville, MI in 2005, and has been a member of the Rowe family of retailers since the first day they opened for business. Their storefront offers quality home furnishings and accessories, as well as free in-store design services, product customization, and full-service delivery. Their top priority is to deliver a relaxing environment that matches their clients’ style, with enduring furnishings that will withstand the test of time.

“At Harrison’s West, you don’t have to choose between style, price, and quality. We have it all!”

3700 Rivertown Pkwy #1052, Grandville, MI 49418, United States

Special Services:

We are incorporating custom window treatments into our services this year and have brought a couple of window treatment experts to help clients with the designs.

Their Top Tips to Support Local Biz:

With shortened hours, we appreciate when customers make appointments with our design team so that we can be sure to give them the time and attention needed. Following Harrison’s West on social media sites and referring friends and family to shop with us is an easy way to support Harrison’s West while not having to make any buying decisions right now.

What makes your shop unique?

We are not afraid of color, and we like to keep things fresh by changing wall coverings, window treatments, and our furnishings around often. We are a small team of designers but we pack a punch of knowledge and inspiration.

How does your shop make customers feel?

We like to make our clients feel like they are at home when they shop with us, allowing them to feel comfortable and at ease while they are shopping for their next purchase. We keep the store trendy and colorful, and have fun changing things up as often as possible to keep our customers excited about the next new look.

What's on your store playlist?

We have a varied music lineup including Talking Heads, The Head and The Heart, Lewis Capaldi, Lana Del Rey, Maroon 5, Florence + the Machine, Anderson East, Foster the People, Avett Brothers, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Jake Bugg....and many others that makes up over 40 hours of playlists!

What's the most memorable moment that has occurred in your shop?

Harrison's West has recently undergone an impactful renovation focusing on the importance of the custom options in order to tailor the design experience to each individual client. Highlighting Rowe with a design lab allows our designers to involve the client in the furniture selection experience offered by Rowe, enabling them to fully customize their furniture.

What are you looking forward to showcasing next season?

We are excited to highlight lots of natural elements including woven baskets and rugs, fur pelts and wicker furniture.

What do you love about working with Rowe?

The frame variety that Rowe offers has always been enticing to both our designers and clients. The combination of trending fabrics and smaller accents, including the many side chair selections, has always allowed our designers to be creative and impactful while creating a space with Rowe Furniture. Rowe's dedication to high quality imagery and room settings makes it effortless for our customers to envision that product in their own space, while also elevating our marketing and advertising in a seamless way.

Why is your location the perfect fit for your shop?

Harrison's West is in a unique location being inside a shopping mall which tailors to a family-focused environment. We see a lot of younger families shopping for home furnishings, and it's an opportunity for us as designers to educate them on the reasons why Rowe Furniture is a great choice for them. Between the Kid Proof fabrics and the collections that were designed with family living in mind, Rowe makes it very easy to talk about why their furniture will be the best fit for young family life. The local community has come to recognize Harrison's West as a place that has their best interests in mind when it comes to the longevity and durability of the furnishings going into their home. As we all know, families like to live with their furniture, not worry about it.

If we pop into your store at any given moment, we’re sure to see…

A fresh pot of coffee is brewing and we're finding something to joke about!