MAK & CO. is an Andover, Massachusetts-based furniture store and design studio owned by husband and wife team Lynn and John Makiej. A member of the Rowe family of retailers since their opening in the fall of 2017, MAK & CO. is proud to feature a curated blend of new furnishings, lighting, home decor & gifts. The store occupies two locations in Andover, one of which is in one of the area’s restored river mills and hosts a “Warehouse Sale” the first Saturday of each month. The second location is on Main St. in downtown Andover, boasting two beautiful floors filled with furnishings, lighting, decor & gifts. They also offer interior design services as well for both residential & commercial projects.

“My husband John and I own MAK & CO. together. It became a reality because we both love business and with over 20 years of small business experience, we wanted to own something together. I had been working in the interior design world for about 8 years prior but always wanted a store. With both of our children in school full time, we thought this was the perfect time to start this adventure!”

— Lynn Makiej, owner

45 Main St, Andover, MA 01810, United States

Design Services:

Virtual Design: We’re excited to now offer our MAK & CO virtual design services as an easy, accessible alternative to our full-service interior design offerings. With two affordable packages tailored to your needs, that room refresh you’ve been putting off will be done in the blink of an eye!

MAK One Room In-Home Local Design

Created for smaller-scope projects where you still want a designer’s touch, MAK in-home offers the perfect solution for single room projects.

Full Interior Design

  • Design Offerings
  • Residential and commercial design
  • In-home redesign
  • Home renovations
  • Kitchen and bath
  • Contractor and architect coordination
  • Color palette consult
  • Product ordering and installation

MAK & CO’s Top 5 Tips for Local Biz:

  1. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to follow our projects, store sales & events and new items that have arrived!
  2. The first Saturday of every month we have a Warehouse Sale from 10-2pm for furniture, rugs, lighting etc. at our Red Spring Rd. store…you do not want to miss this!
  3. Attend our Design Night where you can sit one on one with a designer with a glass of champagne!
  4. Order online and pick up in store!
  5. Gift Cards are always a great idea!

What makes your shop unique?

The fact that we offer so many options — from new home furnishings, lighting & rugs to accessories, candles & gifts...even some rare & vintage finds. Customer service is also very important to us which is very hard to find these days. Customers want that personal attention and love supporting their small family owned business versus a big box store.

How does your shop make customers feel?

Our overall vibe is joy. We are in a very old mill along a river, and our aesthetic is casual and comfortable. We try and hit most of the senses, focusing on smell (we always have candles & diffusers going), touch (fabrics & furniture), sight (there is so much to look at, and it usually makes people very happy), and sound (we always have fun but neutral music playing). Most of our customers tell us that they just want to move in!

What's on your store playlist?

Pandora’s Beach Bar Lounge station is our favorite.

What are you looking forward to showcasing next season?

I think we continue to look for furniture, lighting and accessories that are both special but also practical as families really need that peace of mind but also want their homes to reflect their own personality.

What do you love about working with Rowe?

Rowe is a fantastic company, from their product line and fabrics to their customer service! For such a large company, you do really feel part of the Rowe family — our rep feels like such a big part of our store!

Why is your location the perfect fit for your shop?

Our store is in Andover, Massachusetts, and we really do feel supported by our local community, as well as customers that come in from all over New England and beyond.
We feel like people don't want to shop at the larger furniture stores where nothing feels special. Because of the way we curate our store, we truly believe that every visit is inspiring & exceptional!

What's the most memorable moment that has occurred in your shop?

Most memorable moment in our store would be the opening day at our downtown Andover location...we will never forget it!

Who’s your celebrity dream customer?

My dream customer would be anyone that was open to new ideas, had great style and trusted the process!

If we pop into your store at any given moment, we’re sure to see...