Urban Market

Urban Market is a full service design studio located in Durango, CO, a shopping destination for unique furnishings and home accessories, and a proud member of the Rowe family of retailers for the last four years. Co-owners Monica Broderick and Danielle Chick opened the original storefront in 2012, adding a furniture store and design studio above the shop in 2016. They pride themselves on their quality offerings, as well as their dynamic all-female team — “We are all strong and independent who are passionate about making everyone who comes through our doors feel happy & welcome!” — including everyone from the sales floor team to the studio designers.

“We’ve been working with Rowe for four years now and love working with their team!”

865 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301, United States

Urban Market’s Top Tips to Support Local Biz:

  • Come On In: Remember to check with your small businesses to see if they carry what you are looking for before you order something online! Especially when it comes to furniture; sometimes people default to looking online instead of first coming to us, when we would be able to help them truly find what they love with samples, in-person products, and an actual friendly face to work with.
  • Browse Local Finds: Additionally, in our retail store we also carry a large number of local artists and vendors and encourage our customers to purchase those products to support those local small businesses as well.

What makes your shop unique?

We consider ourselves a modern-day "urban market" in the sense that we showcase a continually changing wide-range of products with a distinctive style and feel. We've always strived to bring a bit of urban flavor to our little mountain town, while staying true to Durango's own unique style. Markets in the past used to function as central meeting places for a town or community, and we like to think that we also embody a sense of that as well — a place to meet up with your friends for a fun outing together.

How does your shop make customers feel?

We like to say that here at Urban Market "we sell happiness." We want shopping with us to be more than a product purchase; we want to get to know you and make you feel as though you're a friend as soon as you enter the door. When you get back to your home, we want you to remember the joy of shopping with us each time you look at that new purchase!

What's on your store playlist?

A little mix of everything, from Prince to Iron & Wine.

What do you love about working with Rowe?

We love the incredible diversity in fabrics and products, and the ability to give our customers exactly what they're looking for. It makes it so much easier to pull a space together for our interior design team knowing that Rowe will be able to help us create the perfect piece!

What are you looking forward to showcasing next season?

We’re loving all of the bold patterns and bright colors we’re seeing! We love all things fun and textured right now.

What's the most memorable moment that has occurred in your shop?

Our shop features a downstairs retail space with all sorts of home goods, gifts, and decor, as well as an upstairs design showroom space, which means on any given day there's bound to be something memorable happening in one of the two areas! Our most recent memorable experience, however, would be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in May 2022 with our customers and team. We're a women-owned business, and we feel very grateful for the support our community (and beyond!) has shown us for the past decade!

Why is your location the perfect fit for your shop?

We're nestled in a smaller mountain town in the heart of the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado. While a majority of businesses here are seasonal and tourist-driven, we are incredibly lucky to have year-round support from our local community; in fact some of our busiest times are during the tourist "off-season"! Additionally, as with so many smaller towns across the West, we have seen exponential growth within our community over the last few year. We love to welcome these new residents, and love to see them shopping small and shopping local for furniture and decor for their new homes!

If we pop into your store at any given moment, we’re sure to see…

Fun, happiness, and usually a fair amount of tagging new arrivals!